Aaran/Aashton Chimney Sweeps Analyzes Wood Heating Systems

If you’re considering the installation of a wood heating system in your home, Aaran/Aashton Chimney Sweeps offers professional consultations, advice, installation and repair services for wood-burning appliances and stoves. Serving clients in the Durham and York Regions, we have a great working relationship with many manufacturers, including Napoleon®, Pacific Energy and Regency®, to name but a few.

Benefits of a Wood Stove

There are many benefits to using a wood stove to heat your home, including the following:

  • Aesthetic appeal (cozy look of a fireplace during the winter)
  • Energy-efficiency (you can install a more efficient fireplace insert to reduce smoke pollution)
  • Eco-friendly (“go green” with the use of a renewable resource)
  • Self-sufficiency & energy savings (you don’t have to rely as heavily upon your electricity or gas)
  • Increased comfort (easier to control than a thermostat)

Have Questions about Wood-Burning Appliances?

Do you have any questions about the operation of a wood-burning appliance? Feel free to contact Aaran/Aashton Chimney Sweeps. We’d be more than happy to help!

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