WETT-Certified Chimney Inspections from Aaran/Aashton Chimney Sweeps

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc.

Annual Chimney Inspections for Your Safety

Even if you don’t use your chimney often, it should be inspected annually to check for creosote build-up, blockage, cracks and any deterioration of the chimney that could be deemed a potential safety hazard. Aaran/Aashton Chimney Sweeps provides WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc.)-certified chimney inspections for clients in the Durham and York Regions.

Chimney Inspection FAQs

Q. I’ve noticed a strong “soot and ashes” odour coming from my fireplace on hot, humid days or after it rains. What’s causing this, and how can I get rid of it?

A.If it’s been awhile, you should first have your chimney and fireplace swept. If you’ve recently had it swept, there could be an underlying issue, including an open damper, lack of a chimney cap, moisture problems within the chimney, a smoke chamber with corbelled brick (which allows creosote build-up), or your chimney could be too short (not enough draft is able to draw smoke and odours up and out).

Q. Does my chimney need a liner?

A.Yes. Chimneys should have a liner that’s able to contain the materials of combustion. Many people have flue liners that do not function properly. For this reason we recommend annual chimney inspections. In addition to providing chimney cleaning and repair services, we also provide chimney inspection services that meet WETT requirements. Inspections sometimes lead us to find hidden defects and possible safety hazards that you may not even have been aware of.

Q. Why does my fireplace smoke so much upon starting?

A.This could be caused by a number of factors. Your chimney and flue could be cold – try warming your flue with a lit piece of rolled-up newspaper. This usually creates an upward airflow to prevent smoke from spilling into your home. If this doesn’t work, try opening a window or door to let in extra air, which should also help create an upward flow for the smoke.

If you continue to have smoke in your home even after the fire’s lit, you may have other issues. You could have a poorly designed fireplace with the wrong size of flue. If that’s the case, you could install a smoke guard. You could even have a pressure problem, which can usually be corrected by installing a fresh air intake. At Aaran/Aashton Chimney Sweeps, our trained technicians are able to diagnose and resolve all of these issues for your peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation!

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