Get Helpful Chimney Cleaning Tips from Aaran/Aashton Chimney Sweeps

How Often Does Your Chimney Need Cleaned/Swept?

Aaran/Aashton Chimney Sweeps offers chimney cleaning/sweeping services to the York and Durham Regions. How often you should get your chimney cleaned and/or swept really depends upon how often you use it. If it’s frequently used to heat your home (3-4 times a week during the burning season), your chimney should be swept at least annually. If you burn a half a cord of wood or more, your chimney should be inspected on an annual basis and swept whenever necessary.

Proud to Offer You a No-Mess Guarantee – Get More Details!

Chimney cleaning can either be done from the top or from the bottom (depending upon the access and height of your chimney). Aaran/Aashton Chimney Sweeps will choose whichever is the safest, most practical method when it comes to cleaning your chimney. If it’s a furnace, coal or woodstove being cleaned, we’ll disconnect the connector pipe and stuff the hole with foam. If it’s a fireplace being cleaned, we’ll shut the damper door while sweeping and set up a vacuum at the bottom to collect all the dust and debris so it doesn’t enter your home. We offer a no-mess guarantee – contact us for more details!

Chimney Cleaning Education for Your Safety

At Aaran/Aashton Chimney Sweeps, we believe in the importance of client education for safety purposes. Please find some helpful chimney cleaning tips below, including reasons why it’s important to clean your chimney on a regular basis and some signs that your chimney may need cleaned.

Top 4 Reasons to Clean Your Chimney Regularly

1. If you don’t clean your chimney regularly, you’re at a higher risk for a fire. Soot that builds up inside the chimney may catch on fire if it’s allowed to become thick enough.

2. Because soot build-up acts as a drag on the upward air flow inside your chimney, the smoke will begin to exit through the front of your fireplace or stove and then up the chimney. This may result in smoke damages to your home.

3. If you do not clean your chimney regularly, the heat from a fire can cause the soot and tar to become a glaze inside it. When this happens, the chimney is much harder to clean. This often leads to damaged liners that may need replacement. Spending money on regular maintenance now can save you a lot of money later.

4. Having your chimney regularly swept and inspected will also ensure no birds or rodents have made a home in your chimney. This not only creates a big mess, but it can also affect your fireplace’s efficiency.

Top 4 Signs That Your Chimney Needs Cleaning

1. Does Your Fire Start Too Slowly?

Have you noticed that your fires take a long time to start, or are they not burning very brightly once they do?

2. Is Smoke Filling Your Room?

When you have a fire lit, does smoke fill the entire room?

3. Is Smoke Filling Your House?

When a door is open while you have a fire burning, does smoke fill your entire house anyway?

4. Do You Detect Cold Air or Bad Odours?

When your stove or fireplace isn’t in use, do you ever feel a rush of cold air or encounter bad odours coming out of your chimney?

If you answered “yes” to any of the aforementioned questions, it may be time for a chimney inspection and/or cleaning services. Contact Aaran/Aashton Chimney Sweeps for an estimate in the York or Durham Region!

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